Founder and President of UNIVERSAL DESIGN, INC. (1983), which currently develops software solutions used by both government & industry. His business focus is on custom information solutions, and is an active member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. Alan's primary responsibility at is software development as well as overseeing the 24/7 network operations.

He is also very active in local community events. From being Past-President of the Board of Trustees of his church, regional trainer for Leadership Development Seminars, Past-President of the CoAlliance of Business Associations, to being Past-President of Old Louisville Chamber of Commerce, Dean of Embroidery University, and former Scoutmaster of high adventure Boy Scout Troop 315, he has acquired a multitude of experiences.

Alan lives in a renovation-in-progress, 130+ year old Victorian home in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife (an accomplished artist & teacher) and adult son (Eagle Scout).

Client List

  • AHRA- Association for Medical Imaging
  • APPLE- Apple, Inc.
  • AUSA- Association for the US Army
  • ETA- Electronic Transactions Association
  • FAA- Federal Aviation Administration
  • FRB- Federal Reserve Board
  • KYFB- Kentucky Farm Bureau
  • SMD- Space & Missile Defense
  • UL- University of Louisville
  • UTH- University of Texas, Houston
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